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Excitement is running high in the five municipalities that are served by the Adamstown Area Library.  A long awaited move to a new facility will become a reality.  

An open house was held at the former Adamstown VFW at 110 West Main Street, Adamstown, which is slated to be the library’s new home in 2017. The Friends presented a check for $100,000.00 to launch the capital campaign at the special event.     

Residents of Adamstown & Denver Boroughs, and Brecknock, East & West Cocalico Townships,  got a glimpse of the plans for their new facility at the open house. They also learned of the extensive repairs needed to be done before the move is possible. 

Through their hard work, frugality and optimism the Friends of the Adamstown Area Library have prepared for this occasion by saving for the day when a move to a new facility would actually take place. 

The Friends have been raising funds for the library for many years through their diverse fundraisers.  The profits from their events help sponsor programs, purchase books, CD’s, DVD’s, etc. and contribute to the ongoing needs of the library.  The successful events have the support of the residents and businesses who contribute in different ways to these fundraisers and who also benefit from them.

The Friends donation is in keeping with their goals to support the library and to make a worthwhile learning facility even better. That’s what Friends are for!



Everyone loves the Adamstown Area Library. 

Help keep it strong and vital!




We look forward to seeing you around the library.


Margaret Harting,
Friends of the Adamstown Area Library

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Revised 5/4/2016