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Basket Bingo

Basket Bingo

Everyone loves the Adamstown Area Library.
Help keep it strong and vital!


We look forward to seeing you around the library.


Margaret Harting,
Friends of the Adamstown Area Library



     Another successful book sale flew by and left us in its wake with $10,821.  Our thanks to our book donors, book sorters, book transporters, book displayers, and our book purchasers.  A lot of books, a lot of community support and a lot of happiness.


     We were left scrambling for Weaver’s brown paper bags at Saturday’s sale.  If you collect them and can help us by saving them we would really appreciate it.  We would  especially appreciate it if you could double bag them as the books get heavy for a single bag.  If you don’t want to pile them up at your house, bring them to the library whenever you have a quantity of them.  The good news was, of course, that we had so many customers that we ran out of bags, but we’re looking forward to being more prepared for it next year.


     Have a fun, safe summers enjoying your books wherever you read them!




The Friends’ donations of $100,000 for the capital campaign and $25,000 for the Tranquility Garden for the new library are in keeping with their goals to support the library and to make a worthwhile learning facility even better. That’s what Friends are for!


March 19, 2017

A few of the beautifully filled baskets from this year’s Basket Bingo.



Peace UCC

April 19 – 22, 2017