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The Friends Are Committed to Donating $25,000 Annually to Our Library

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The Friends of the Adamstown Area Library group is not for the faint-hearted — busy and working industriously all year through.  We’ve basked enough in the after-glow of our book sale success.  As of last night, we launched the kick-off for our annual Bucks for Books dinner/auction lead by a rousing cheer from our (long ago) retired cheer leader Carole Evans.  We’re set and ready to go.  Waiting for your offers of item donations, cash sponsorship, ad placements and all kinds of help offers.  What can you offer us?


Contact me, any board member, or leave your message with a staff member at the library.  You can also reach us through the Contacts link above and find detailed information about the Event and donations through the Events link.


Waiting to hear from you,

Margaret Harting, President



HELP WANTED  !!  Can you lift up to 40 pounds??  Can you spare an hour a week or whatever your schedule allows?  We really need help in moving bags and boxes of donated books to our bottom level book sorting area.  If you can help us, please give your name and contact information to the library staff.  Thank you so much.






The Friends are now selling high quality books on

Visit  In the search box, type Friends of Adamstown Library.  You will then see a listing of our available books.  Click on a book, then look for our name under Seller on the right side of the page.  All proceeds from the Amazon sales will benefit the building fund for our new library.  Happy Shopping!





Check out the library website to see the fundraising activities of the Trustees.

Everyone loves the Adamstown Area Library.
Help keep it strong and vital!


We look forward to seeing you around the library.


Margaret Harting,
Friends of the Adamstown Area Library


Libraries are free….except they really aren’t.  Please help us continue to fund the library with all it’s many services to the community.






The Friends’ donations of $100,000 for the capital campaign and $25,000 for the Tranquility Garden for the new library are in keeping with their goals to support the library and to make a worthwhile learning facility even better. That’s what Friends are for!


March 18, 2018

A few of the beautifully filled baskets from this year’s Basket Bingo.



Peace UCC

May 2 – 5, 2018