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Somewhere on vacation, someone is reading their book sale book.  Someone is putting a new puzzle together.  Someone is making a new recipe from their new cookbook.  Someone is filling a lazy afternoon or a long evening trying to solve the mystery presented in their book.  Someone is working on a project or following garden plans found in their book from the book sale.  So many new, different ideas.  All this wonderful information, and hours of reading pleasure. 
Yes, the book sale is a ton of work.  But...the smiles, happy hearts, it’s a wonderful pay back.
Thanks to one and all for another successful book sale!  The net was over $11,000 - all to benefit your library.
P.S.  Don’t forget...we have books for sale all year long on our Friends’ shelves in the library as well as at our little stand at the Mad Hatter’s Antique Mall.







I look forward to seeing you around the library.


Margaret Harting,
Friends of the Adamstown Area Library

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Revised 5/18/2015